Who We Are

Using the latest technologies as Pozitifcub internet world recognized design, following the software and techniques in our all new work, easy to use, enterprise reflects your identity in the right way, we are developing speed and power system with a structure that combines the simplicity.

Company or web site for your business work for your brand, mobile site, mobile (such as the iPhone and android) applications, we provide professional studies on quickly.

We develop software for users or data processing for the following platforms:

  • Websites
  • Mobile Sites
  • IPhone Applications
  • Android Applications
  • IPad Applications

Some sectoral software we have made are as follows:

  • Standard corporate websites
  • High-definition graphics that contain images / animations websites
  • E-commerce based private websites
  • Factoring and bank platforms including financial transactions
  • Order tracking and reporting software on the iPad orders
  • Mall tenants on the iPad, endorsements and public areas graphical reporting software
  • Professional Human Resources platforms in different sub-sectors platforms
  • Human Resources firms, professionals to private HR - CRM (Management software)
  • Firms that operate with multiple branches, including digital / the setup and management of virtual switchboards
  • Distance education class server management and easy using / user friendly software
  • In addition, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and we can provide support for internet advertising such as Google Adwords ads.

What we list on our web site we do not publish your SEO work for customer satisfaction. So far about 30 sites SEO and Adwords service, giving visitors to support this growth, higher-order and go as we please, plus brand awareness. Work that we have to choose us again and again, many companies / some proves our success will continue to benefit from our continued service.

If we have done and we are working on many different software and systems is still not enough for you to choose us, in Maslak Sun Plaza can get detailed information come to our office.

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